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In the disposable cutlery industry, we not only focus on the environmental protection and safety of our products, but also on the packaging of our products, which is always sustainable and environmentally friendly in line with the current environmental philosophy. We have always prioritized the ecological development of the earth's environment, and we support the reduction of fossil fuel-based plastics used in food service packaging through environmentally friendly alternatives, contributing to the preservation of the natural environment.

Wooden Cutlery: The Ultimate FAQ Guide 2022

Wooden Cutlery: The Ultimate FAQ Guide 2022

If you're looking for wooden cutlery and want to know what it is, then this article is for you.

The Ultimate Guide To Wooden Cutlery In The Kitchen

The Ultimate Guide To Wooden Cutlery In The Kitchen

Wooden Cutlery are cutlery made from wooden boards. They are often used in the kitchen as they are durable and easy to clean.

How To Choose Wooden Cutlery

How To Choose Wooden Cutlery

Wooden cutlery is a great option for eco-friendly diners. Cutlery made from wood is lightweight and does not require a lot of maintenance.

A History of Wooden Cutlery

A History of Wooden Cutlery

The history of wooden Cutlery dates back to prehistoric times when people used bone or stone knives and forks.



Founded in 2000, ShengChang is the original & leading factory of compostable and biodegradable wooden and bamboo products in China. The factory covers 12,000 square meters in Heilongjiang, China, with employees 120. ShengChang is proud of its supply of sustainable, high-quality, and affordable products. To be more than just a business. We also give environmental, social, and economic concerns equal consideration. We believe this is fundamental to our success. ShengChang aims to provide excellent, flexible, and personal customer service and build long-lasting relationships.

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Deliveries around Russia, Europe, Asia and the United States using rational logistic routes, delivered in boxes, vehicles and containers.


Our company adheres to generally recognized international terms EXW, FCA, CPT, CIP, DAT, DAP, DDP, which relate to the rights and obligations of all parties involved in the conclusion of sales contracts.


Incoterms can be applied individually - please specify delivery terms and you can discuss delivery time & conditions with our manager.


When you run a food business, cutlery is inevitable, but we can help reduce the negative impact on the environment. In addition to being manufactured in an environmentally friendly manner, commercially compostable and recyclable, wood cutlery from ShengChang has many other benefits, such as guilt-free convenience. In addition, wood utensils improve hygiene and reduce the spread of infectious diseases. It also saves the water and energy needed to sanitize reusable items and eliminates cleaning labor.

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ShengChang has been leading in biodegradable environmental cutlery, which ensures the safety of the product and no pollution to the environment, and we use it with peace of mind.

Ms. Jacquelyn from Singapore
ShengChang supports OEM customization, making it effortless for us to achieve the effect of publicity through disposable cutlery and solving many of our problems.
Mr. Gabriel from America
We received the product on the seventh day after placing the order, the product is exquisite, and the service is fast, thanks a lot to ShengChang's disposable cutlery products.
Mr. Dylan from Italy
Disposable wooden chopsticks are environmentally friendly and safe; they are our restaurant's first choice of cutlery. Buying them again is a confirmation of ShengChang's products!

Ms. Magdalina from Thailand