28Feb of December 2022

Detailed Information About Disposable Wooden Chopsticks

Detailed Information About Disposable Wooden Chopsticks

Shengchang Wood Industry Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer and trading company specializing in biodegradable food cutlery and disposable wooden cutlery. In the production of disposable wooden chopsticks, SHENGCHANG strictly follows national standards to ensure the safety and environmental protection purpose of the products, providing reliable products for customers.

Disposable wooden chopsticks refer to chopsticks that are discarded after being used once, which is very convenient and easy to carry. Disposable wooden cutlery is also a product that adapts to fast-paced social life. It has been widely used because of its advantages of low cost and hygiene, and also because it does not require disinfection.

After years of researching and testing of degradable products, all of the disposable wooden cutlery sets produced in the SHENGCHANG factory are highly in line with international environmental protection standards and are degradable and pollution-free.


Production Process Of Disposable Wooden Chopsticks

1. Material selection;
Use quality wood as all of the wood products are selected from sustainably sourced trees in managed plantations.

2. Bleaching;
Fumigate and bleach wood with food-grade sulphur to ensure the produced disposable wooden chopsticks are safe and environmentally-friendly.

3. Sterilization and disinfection under high temperature or through ultraviolet sterilization;
SHENGCHANG is in full compliance with national standards to make sure that the qualified products will not detect any coliforms or pathogenic bacteria.

4.Finally, after drying, sizing, polishing, arranging, packaging, etc., the wooden chopsticks can be shipped from the factory.

What are the advantages of disposable wooden chopsticks?

1.SHENGCHANG Disposable Wooden Chopsticks use biodegradable chopsticks as substitutes to replace the regular disposable chopsticks, which greatly responds to the national low-carbon environmental protection and sustainable development policy.
2.Compared with traditional disposable chopsticks, SHENGCHANG has many years of  manufacturing experience, its chopsticks have more advantages in quality, avoiding splitting and molding, and so on.
3.SHENGCHANG supports OEM and ODM customization, you can add your own brand logo on the disposable wooden chopsticks to promote your products and gain more popularity.
4.Wooden cutlery sets have a wide range of applications and can be used in restaurants, take-away foods, hotels, etc; what’s more, appropriate biodegradable wooden cutlery sets can be used according to different meals.


Most Asked Questions about Disposable Wooden Chopsticks:

1.Can you reuse disposable wooden chopsticks?
Disposable Wooden Chopsticks are completely reusable. As we all know many restaurants have launched disposable wooden cutlery sets to improve hygiene and reduce customer safety concerns. But if you want to use these tools at home, the wooden cutlery sets can be reused with proper cleaning and maintenance. Remember to use warm soapy water and handwash them, and do not let the disposable wooden spoons get soaked in water for a long time. After cleaning, wipe them with a towel, so that they can be reused for many years.

2.Are wooden chopsticks disposable?
Actually, biodegradable wooden cutlery is not disposable, you can totally reuse it, even disposable wooden chopsticks can be reused. Of course, the disposable wooden cutlery set costs less and the price is low, so you can use it as a disposable item. Throwing it directly into the trash bin after use will reduce the workload and make your restaurant more tidy and clean.

3.Are wooden or plastic chopsticks better?
Disposable wooden chopsticks have more advantages than plastic chopsticks. As disposable products, they can be thrown into the trash bin directly after being used once, more importantly, these products can be degraded naturally in about 3 months, which is more environmentally -friendly.

It is well known that disposable wooden chopsticks are made of wood which is a low thermal conductor, and it can effectively isolate the heat and effectively prevent you from getting burned. At the same time, the reusable wooden cutlery is more textured and comfortable than the plastic one.

4.How often should you change chopsticks?
Many families usually reuse chopsticks for two to three years, in fact, it is very wrong. If chopsticks are being reused for a long time, the wood will start to deteriorate, and what’s worse, bacteria will start to multiply, especially when the chopsticks start to turn black and have cracks. So changing your chopsticks every three to six months is the healthiest way.

Otherwise, you can also choose disposable wooden chopsticks that are not only convenient but also eco-friendly to create a hygienic and safe home for you and your family.