07Apr of December 2022

Eco Friendly Wooden Cutlery Brands

Eco Friendly Wooden Cutlery Brands

There are several eco friendly wooden cutlery brands on the market today. These include To-Go Ware, Becomes Earth, Ecoware, and SmartPack USA. Each one has passed various certifications and quality tests. But before deciding to purchase a set of wooden cutlery, consider the following:

To-Go Ware

The company To-Go Ware is committed to inspiring the next generation of green lifestyles by providing eco-friendly utensils and carriers. This company's philosophy is to make utensils out of sustainable materials, such as bamboo, instead of petroleum-based plastic. The company also makes use of recycled PET fabrics, derived from plastic water bottles, to create their eco-friendly accessories. In addition to sustainable bamboo, To-Go Ware's cutlery is durable, and its products are made with stainless steel for durability.

To-Go Ware Bamboo utensils are 100% biodegradable. They're dishwasher-safe and made from bamboo, one of the most sustainable materials on Earth. These utensils won't absorb flavors and are suited for use on non-stick surfaces. Because they're made of bamboo, they're also safe for use with leftover pasta. So, they're a great option for traveling and picnics alike.

Bioplastics are also environmentally friendly. They're made from organic materials and can be composted. Wood, when properly managed, absorbs CO2 while growing and creates habitats for wildlife. This makes wood cutlery the only green alternative to disposable plastic. So, when choosing eco-friendly utensils, look for those made from sustainably-managed forests. They don't harm tree populations, and are 100% natural.

The To-Go Ware eco-friendly wooden cutlery is an essential part of a zero-waste kit. Its lightweight bamboo cutlery is easy to clean, dishwasher-safe, and free from plastics. A perfect choice for traveling! You can save the planet while reducing your plastic waste and helping the environment at the same time. You can make a conscious decision to purchase eco-friendly cutlery that makes you feel good about your choice.

Unlike plastic utensils, wood is biodegradable. These utensils decompose completely in about 90 days. When disposed of properly, they will decompose and produce nutrient-rich soil that will fertilize plants and create a sustainable future for the planet. Wooden utensils also last a long time. So, you can use them again!

SmartPack USA

Green and biodegradable are two words that are synonymous with the SmartPack USA brand. They offer a wide range of environmentally friendly utensils to cater events and restaurants. These include bamboo, CPLA, and wood products. What's great about these eco-friendly items is that they are biodegradable and can be thrown away in a compost bin. In addition, SmartPack USA also offers a dedicated customer service and fast turnaround time.

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The Biodegradable range from Ecoware combines wood knives with compostable sporks. The biodegradable wooden cutlery range is made from high-quality birch wood sourced from farmed forests. They are strong and durable and they make excellent alternatives to disposable plastic cutlery. The packaging of these cutlery products is made from 100 percent recycled paper, making them a sustainable choice for everyday use.

Plastic utensils are a huge problem for the environment, causing tons of waste every year and contaminating our water supplies. With certified compostable and biodegradable materials, Ecoware cutlery is a great choice for environmentally conscious eateries and restaurants. This high-quality cutlery is safe for both hot and cold foods and is heat-resistant up to 220 degrees F. Whether you're looking for a set of wooden cutlery or a set of tableware to make your next dinner party a success, Ecoware is a fantastic option.

Biodegradable silverware is made from sustainable wood that composts quickly. After use, the wood is composted and provides nutrients to soil. Biodegradable utensils break down completely in landfills, leaving no trace behind. Biodegradable cutlery is also far better for the environment than wood, food waste, and newspaper, and it emits zero harmful byproducts. You can rest assured that the eco-friendly cutlery is safe for your family and the environment.